Text Box: “Leadership qualities are critical for success”

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About Us

Prana Development Group is dedicated to improving results.


We believe that the strength of any organization lies in its people. When employees are engaged and committed, aligned with your company’s goals, and prepared for leadership, magic can happen and success will be accelerated.


We are committed to our clients and whatever it takes to build a culture of leadership. Focused on increasing the individual capacity of your employees, our results oriented approach brings new energy and motivation to each… thus improved results!


Kyle Blake, the founder of Prana Development Group, has always focused on growth. With over 25 years in the corporate and consulting worlds, she has worked in new product development, new business development, market development and business strategy.


Kyle is a results-driven professional with proven track record in analyzing market trends, identifying business opportunities, and developing marketing strategies that have achieved corporate growth, profitability, and competitiveness. She is a certified facilitator for the execution of results-oriented, innovative approaches that enable clients to tap into their hidden potential and achieve their desired results. Her focus is on helping clients develop their strategies, people and business processes to accelerate the accomplishment of their strategic objectives.


Kyle graduated Summa Cum Laude from Quinnipiac College (now University), Hamden, Connecticut, with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. In addition to facilitation, she is a Certified Administrator of the Attribute Index Thinking Style Assessment Profile. She has worked with start-ups, small and medium sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Committed to continuous improvement and personal growth, she has also had over 100 development hours in coaching and facilitation.

Kyle has grown with her community through volunteer leadership positions at the Town of Hamden, CT., several school parent organizations, and is a graduate of the Parent Leadership Training Institute. As a Master Gardener, she has continued with her commitment to growth, literally, by designing public gardens in the community.

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