Text Box: “The effective implementation of the strategic plan is the true determining factor as to whether or not a company is effective.”




Business owners and leaders today have found that developing a strategy and a plan is far more effective than leaving the future to chance. Furthermore, the key factors that create higher levels of motivation and commitment continuously fuel higher levels of achievement. Finally, the effective implementation of the plan is as important as the planning. This is the true determining factor as to whether or not a company is successful.


The Strategic Planning process provides a format for developing a Strategic Plan, taking that strategy through the business planning process and establishing measurable goals. It is a process that involves not only determining where a company is going but also how it is going to get there.

Text Box: Critical issues covered:
Elements of the Strategic Plan
External Assessment
Internal Assessment
The Business Plan
Vision and Mission Statements
Critical Goal Categories
Critical Success Factors
Business Planning Goals
Financial Budgeting
Marketing Communications
Sales Support
The Sales Plan
The Review Process



As an entrepreneur, you will need to concern yourself with visionary activities, planning and leading people. As the leader for your business, people will look to you for direction. People will also look to you for coaching, leadership, guidance, support, decisions and leadership stability. You now must decide what needs to be done to succeed, and then you must do it, and you must do it in the right way.

Succeeding in business requires a vision, combined with the passion and commitment to pursue that vision. It also requires a willingness to change, to learn, to become, and to take calculated risks...it requires entrepreneurial leadership.

Text Box: Measurable results:
Increased Market Share
Focus on Attracting, Servicing & Keeping Customers
Defined Strategic Direction
Motivated Employees
Resources Allocated
Success Defined
Increased Shareholder Earnings

Prana Development Group

Text Box: Critical issues covered:
Basic Foundation
Vision and Values
Values and Principles
External Assessment
Internal Appraisal
Mission Statement
Critical Goal Categories
Market and Sales Plan
Text Box: Measurable results:
Increased Revenue
Strengthened Focus on Attracting, Servicing & Keeping Customers
Greater Employee Contribution to Results Realized 
Defined Strategic Direction
Developed and Sustained Values
Motivated Employees
Measurable Growth
Sustainable Results 
Text Box: “I meet many people, the specialists or small business owners, who would like to expand, but they simply lack the leadership skills.”

         Robert Kiyosaki